Capture the mood with automation!

Evolving technology means we are continually improving our lifestyle and living standards introducing unique products into the home, which not only improve the aesthetic qualities, they also provide added convenience to how we live our lives. Automation is most certainly the next biggest thing to hit the home, and we can now control features around the home from the touch of an application onto a tablet device.

Other improvements have come in the way of additional security and safety features. Lighting, heating our white goods and the ability to check remotely whether you have switched something off are finding their way into modern homes. Sometimes features are purely just features, and it could be argued they are luxuries, or technology that is over hyped and not necessary for most people. However, some of the technology available crosses all requirements in regards to security, aesthetic enhancements and indeed creating additional qualities around our living environment.

Luxaflex is probably one of the oldest established specialists in domestic and commercial blinds. Every conceivable and appropriate material and finish has been used within their range to create a very attractive feature within the home, but where this 60 year-old company has excelled is its more recent advancements in automated technology. Imagine having blinds that adjust to the lighting automatically, or can be set to open and close while you are away enjoying your summer holidays, or indeed you may wish to control your blinds in real time remotely through the very clever smart phone application. The PowerView application is highly intuitive and provides every conceivable setting imaginable for your blinds.

If you not into smart phone applications, you could use the rather attractive and quirky remote control device called Pebble which comes in a range of colours to suit the décor within your home. It provides multiple settings in the same way as the smart phone application, but all from the touch of a remote-control button – technology we are all comfortable with.

Styles to suit all tastes

The popular misconception of blinds and shades are their suitability for homes with a more classic feel. In reality, this is far from the truth, and the multitude of real wood finishes create a perfect backdrop to a home that features more classic wooden finishes and floral designs. It is really about searching the ranges available to fully understand how an elegant set of blinds would feature in your home, and that is why we always invite our customers to visit us and explore the huge range of finishes available, and indeed understand more about the innovative and very clever Luxaflex PowerView technology. If security is also at the top of your agenda, the Luxaflex blinds with PowerView are a must have added security feature within your home!

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