Wall Covering

The ideal wall covering is a very personal choice

At Kevin Pearce, we are able to provide a selection that, whether bold or subtle, traditional or contemporary, tells the story that you wish to convey about your room. With refined and sophisticated finishes in your chosen wall covering, the colours, style and even the fabric will create the right atmosphere for your home.

When it comes to wall coverings, often your instinct is right and with the range available to our clients, the choice is diverse and inspiring.

Wall coverings are about mood, direction, colour and ageless simplicity that encompasses the many facets of your room. The choices of colour, style, fabric and artistry allow you to highlight the interior with a feature wall or to support your furniture and art with an elegant understated surface. Contrasts that will make your space interesting.



At Kevin Pearce we have a reputation for being able to offer our clients, the highest quality furnishings for their homes. In addition to blinds, curtains and flooring, our selection of wallpaper simply adds to the stunning range available to you...



Our full palette of carefully chosen shades from highly respected manufacturers offers the very best in colour, finish and quality. From bright colours that bring a room to life, to carefully considered, moody greys and whites, neutral, natural shades and understated colours...