Why are more homeowners turning to luxury vinyl as a flooring option?

When you think about vinyl flooring the first thing that usually comes to mind is an outdated floor covering straight from a bathroom that time forgot. Being a low cost option at that time meant vinyl also developed a bad reputation that’s taken some 30 years for the market to dispel.

Fast forward to 2018 and what we have now in terms of vinyl flooring are extremely high quality, ‘real’ finish options that provide an extremely functional, beautiful and long lasting solution to the floor covering in your home; solutions that are even compatible with underfloor heating!

In fact vinyl floor options are the fastest growing flooring type on the market. So why should you consider vinyl flooring when you next refurbish your home?


One of the most prominent benefits of having a vinyl covered floor is its durability. Most of the vinyl flooring options on the market today have multiple layers; a wear layer, a protective layer, a print layer, a cushion layer and a backing layer - the more layers, the more durable your flooring will be.

Amtico has no less than five layers plus two backing layers to ensure a longer lasting, high quality look and feel.


Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and maintain. If you have children, pets, or are accident prone this can be a big factor in making your next flooring choice. Its surface is not easily penetrable so it’ll be less likely to absorb spilt oil, chemicals, grease or water.

A daily sweep with a dust mop or light vacuum will cover most of what’s needed in terms of cleaning up. A damp cloth or mop (with use of the manufacturer's recommended cleaning products) will do the rest.

Our Range of Amtico Flooring

Our vinyl flooring range is designed, manufactured and supplied by leading vinyl floor specialists Amtico at their purpose built factory based in Coventry.

Amtico flooring has, without doubt, the most versatile range of flooring options providing wood, stone or abstract finishes in the latest flooring trends that absorb noise and are soft and warm underfoot – perfect for complementing any room in your home.

There are literally hundreds of design options so you are bound to find a solution that will suit your home and your own personal style and taste. Browse the Amtico guide to get inspiration for you home!

What’s more, for a limited time only you could qualify for £250 off the cost of your Amtico flooring – please follow this link to enquire about installing Amtico flooring in your home.

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