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Our Shutter Collection

High-quality bespoke shutters with many options to choose from.

We offer 3 choices of shutters, each made bespoke to your window from the best quality materials. 


 Hardwood Shutters made from paulownia or Basswood , offering durability, versatility, and style in equal measure. 

PVC shutters that are completely waterproof and can be finished in any colour of your choice.

White Shutters (3).jpg
Hardwood Shutters

Hardwood is incredibly durable yet light weight making them perfect for shutters. We offer shutters made in Paulownia and Basswood.  All of our wooden shutters use mortice and tenon joinery, and undergo an extensive kiln drying process.  All wood is fully FSC Certified (comes from a sustainable source)

pink shutter.jpeg
UPVC Shutters

Unlike wood  UPVC shutters are resistant to moisture making these perfect for a wet room.  They can also be finished in the same high grade paint as our wood shutters.  Available in any colour and includes marine grade stainless steele hinges.

03. London Smoke Shutters - Full Height.jpg
Full Height Shutters

A Timeless traditional shutter that never goes out of style. Our colour matching service allows customers to make sure that their window coverings complement their home with ease. 

tier on tier 2.jpg
Tier on Tier Shutters

Upper and lower panel can be opened and controlled independently.  This gives you the control to manage the light coming in throughout the day.

02. London Smoke Shutter - Café Style.jpg
Cafe Style Shutters

Covering the lower half of your window to give you privacy while not stopping the light coming trough from the top open section. These shutters are ideal for a busy road or at the front of your house.

Bay window.jpg
Bay Window Shutters

Bespoke configuration to suit all bay window shapes and sizes.  Can be made into a full height shutter or Cafe style.

shaped wood shutter.jpg
Shaped Shutters

For unusual Shaped windows. Whether it's a triangle, circle or an arch, our bespoke shutters work for everyone.​​​​​​​​

Shutter Options
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